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Jayant Jared F. Era

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Samuel C. Ortega

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Atty. Ronell Y. Co

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President & CEO

It is easy to lose hope for the future especially with the problems concerning health and economic status of millions of people around the world. This is where we come in; we show you that adversities can become opportunities! Here in RISING ERA DYNASTY, INC. we will help you see and actualize a new beginning. We give you the promise of a prosperous life characterized by better health and abundance of wealth.

RISING ERA DYNASTY, INC. offers a line of world-class products that gives proper nutrition, promotes wellness for the body and environmental friendly. Made with high grade Spirulina, these products have brought about countless positive changes to many people in more than 34 countries. Our Company also offers the highest grade of Humic Acid as 100% Organic Soil Conditioner which is now being patronized by hundreds of thousands of growers around the world.

We invite you to take this amazing journey with us and we will make you discover the amazing and remarkable products that can bring you and your family success.

With solid Company Profile, high-quality product line and unmatched compensation plan for dedicated future top leaders, we guarantee your SUCCESS. Start now and be on your way to be part of the roster of our TOP ACHIEVERS!

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Vice President for Marketing & Training

Some people are naturally born with the capacity to lead. Wherever they go, they don the hat of the leader. However, most people succeed as leaders not because they are destined to be but because they are determined to be. Such is Sam Ortega, who in his 27 years as a Sales professional, particularly in the Direct Selling industry, led and managed over 200,000 independent distributors, conducted formal trainings in leadership, network development and management & personal development programs and generated multi-million dollar sales.

He graduated from San Beda College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and majored in Marketing. A man with a particular acuity for sales, Sam has been recognized for his achievements in setting higher standards for the companies he has worked with and surpassing the targets set.

Amongst the companies he has made the difference are Crystal Rain International, Health Code International Inc (CMD), MonaVieand i-FERN who all remember him well.

In 2007, he became the Director and part of the core management team of Concept Squared Marketing Hong Kong Ltd. a company based in Hong Kong, in-charge of planning, strategizing, organizing, and implementing corporate objectives and directions on a regional level which includes the operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China and the Philippines. He is also the Top Earner in the said company in the Philippines.

In 2011 as Consultant he designed the compensation plan of a top MLM company in the country for its a subsidiary company. In 2013, as a top Distributor of that company he was inducted to the Millionaire’s Club in its first year of building his network.

He is passionate about training and empowering people to achieve their dreams. Over years of solid experience in sales and marketing, training, and management, he has developed in depth understanding about different dynamics of human behavior, thus resulted to the ability to develop and design business platform and systems to improve performance and achieve meaningful results.

He is a consummate practitioner of old school, hard core network marketing. But, open-minded to new ideas and innovation.

His Mission is to help people achieve their personal goals and aspirations in life. He truly believes that his purpose in life is to effect change and transformation to anyone who desires better life and personal fulfillment. These people are the ones who are ready to take responsibility and ownership of their own destiny.

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Head of the Legal and Compliance Department

Atty. Co took up his A.B. Political Science degree from the University of the Philippines (UP). He worked in a law office while taking up his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Sto. Tomas (UST). He passed the bar examinations in 2007. He served as a lawyer for the Social Security System (SSS). He founded his own law firm in 2010, Co-De Guia-Roxas Law Firm, where he was actively involved in litigation. Presently, Atty. Co is the Head of the Legal and Compliance Department of Rising Era Dynasty.